‘I shave my eyebrows off every other day – it makes it easier to put on make-up’

A woman who regularly shaves off her eyebrows has said that she does so because they “hold her back” from being as creative as she wants to be with her make-up.

Lisa works as a make-up artist and likes to “customise” her face as much as possible, and says that having eyebrows limits that because it means she has to work with the shape of the hair she’s got.

But Lisa’s unique look hasn’t convinced everyone, as some claim she looks like an “alien” – with Lisa now even using the term to describe herself in a positive way as a “beautiful alien being”.

The make-up artist posted a video on TikTok in which she answered her “most asked question”, which was from people who always ask her why she shaves her brows.

And in response, Lisa – who posts under the username @_lisaartistry – said: “I have very thick brow hairs which makes it hard to shape, laminate, and do a brow cover.

“I’m a make-up artist so I like to customise my face as I please, and my natural brows hold me back from that.”

Lisa also encouraged others who are considering shaving their eyebrows to give it a go, as she added: “If you’ve been wanting to shave your brows, this is your sign. They grow back and you’ll look like a beautiful alien being. It’s a win win.”

The woman said she shaves her eyebrows “every other day” to keep them as smooth as possible, and added in the comments that her hair grows “fast” – so others may not need to shave theirs as often.

But as one person in the comments pointed out, you should always test shave a small area before you commit to shaving your eyebrows off entirely, as for some people, the hair won’t grow back at all.

They said: “For anyone wanting to shave their brows for the first time – do a test with shaving just the end first! Some people’s brows don’t grow back, so you may want to test before going all-in.”

And Lisa responded: “Yes, I always recommend shaving the ends first! Thank you for this comment!”

Many people in the comments of the video agreed with Lisa on the idea of shaving their eyebrows off, as several said they already do it regularly and are fans of the result.

One person said: “I’ve been shaving mine for two years and it’s the best decision I ever made.”

While another added: “I’ve been mostly bleaching my eyebrows and shaving off the tails. Best ever.”

But some weren’t so keen, with a handful of comments on the video simply reading: “No.”